Tuesday, February 5, 2013

estonia and a flashback to poland.

i fail at life and blogging.
but mostly just at blogging. 
i never even finished posting about my wonderful trip around eastern europe.

so the last stop of the trip was tallin, estonia.
it was beautiful and so quaint and picturesque.
it was also literally the coldest place i have ever been.
we went on a walking tour, which was lovely, but i was a block of ice by the time we got back to our hostel. 
but a block of ice with a greater understanding of tallin

between lithuania and sweden, courtney, marci and i snuck over to poland for a day. 
after an all nighter bus we ride, 
we were only able to spend a few hours in warsaw before we had to catch another bus 
but it was worth every minute.
we were able to see one of the last standing pieces of the warsaw ghetto.
and i vow to make it back there someday.

plus while we were there we had the most hilarious experience with our cab driver.
us + not speaking polish + a kind hearted, but maybe slightly slow cab driver + not speaking english=
us getting dropped off at a synagogue for worship.
the rabbi was not to pleased.
it was a completely hilarious moment.

and that is the all for my 10-day jaunt around eastern europe.
man oh man, i've got to back.


  1. yay for finally blogging!!! I love your pictures lady!

  2. These pictures just make me want to get on a plane! Tallin looks so beautiful - I'd like to see some of remote Estonia as well - it looks gorgeous!

  3. this looks like such a marvelous adventure! you're making me wanna go back to Europe and get lost in it!

  4. these photos/estonia look amazing!!